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13 Aug


Trying to fish my dog's ball out of a river.

Trying to fish my dog’s ball out of a river.


I spend a lot of my time collecting. Not in the object hoarding kind of way (although I have an on-going love affair with beautiful old objects and books ).

I collect what I like to think of as ‘slices of life’. As I go about my day there are often things that knock me for six, inexpressible apart from the feeling that this small thing I’ve just noticed makes life infinitely better and worthwhile. The small things that make worrying or fretting less of a thing to do .

These slices of life present themselves in all kinds of shapes and sizes. It could be waking at 4 in the morning and hearing one solitary bird’s voice welcoming in the day, the way somebody has phrased something just so in a conversation, a sentence I’ve read which explains the complexity of what I’ve been feeling in a few words, a song that sings in its own particular way to me, reading in a newspaper that people have flocked to a beach and stayed day and night with a beached whale to save it’s life. This blog is a place for these life slices to be archived and kept. A collection of ideas that fascinate and sustain me.

I’ve lived in London for about a year and I’m learning that in cities there are an abundance of life slices for the taking. But, oh my- there is a yearning in me to be in the countryside, by the sea where the air is fresh and there is space to be. For now, though I’m making the most of experiencing the whole world in the city on the Thames.

I work in the Houses of Parliament. I have always loved History and so it is a dream to work there. So much has happened within its walls and there is something about being part of the continuum of a place and witnessing events that play their part form th in shaping the future.

Literature is a love of mine that has been growing over the past few years; poetry especially. Music will always be the place I return to, my home and comfort. I play the piano and once upon a time wrote music, I hope I can do these two things more when time allows or perhaps I need to make more time.

I live with my boyfriend James, together we live a life of silliness and laughs. I’m beyond grateful that we are finally together after many years apart, you can read more about that here. There is nothing better than returning home at the end of each day to somebody that cares.

My little heart often aches for my dog I’ve had to leave at home in the north and my family there but London has its own draws.

I hope you enjoy looking through this hopscotch archive. Days Careen… because life rushes by and this blog is one way for me to take stock of it all. Take stock with me too?  I’d love to hear from you.


‘Days careen like the waters of a river rushing to the sea’

( Ghost of his Smile by Sparklehorse)

Email me at dayscareen@outlook.com

Listen to a busy Sunday for me in London- London Sunday 1  London Sunday 2





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