February Feeling Fine Playlist

31 Jan


I’ve not really written about music much on here, but it’s a thing in my life, a big thing. I’ve always been around it and when I was younger I played and created music (I still do but rarely now) but I was never quite good enough for it to be the thing I pursued or built my life around. I always wished I was good enough for it because I truly love it, couldn’t live without it and I would happily have made it the focus of my life but alas.

I’ve started writing letters to my brother recently just because I hardly see him now, he’s not good on the phone and so good old snail mail seems like a nice way to keep in touch. In my first letter, I put together a playlist of songs I thought he’d like as well as ones that are in my radar at the moment. Perhaps you’d like to listen too? Here’s some music to get you feeling fine in February. If you like the music style, maybe you could tell me some good songs/artists you’ve come across recently? Music is an endless ocean to explore, sometimes the best way to find the treasures hidden at the bottom of the ocean is for somebody to tell you about it. Underneath the list is a link to listen to the playlist directly on spotify so get comfortable, make a cup of tea and enjoy.


February feeling fine playlist....1)


Want to listen directly? Try the link below……

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