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25 Jan



This week has contained one particularly difficult hour. How can people be so good and so bad at the same time. I have words brewing about this and about letting go of the pressures we put on ourselves. Until these words simmer here are some lovely things that have been catching my attention lately.

If you are a creative kind of person and need a plentiful store of high-quality, beautiful images to dip into for use on your blog, website or wherever then Death to stock is a great place to look.

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There are many of us who like to write and this a beautiful space on the internet to do so. Medium provides a simple and tasteful platform to display your writing on and links you up to other writers and their work.

Perhaps you need some hearty quotes to motivate you to write in the first place, here are 25 of the greatest.

Lately, I have met a friend who is a fellow blogger. I mean, really this was a revelation for me, somebody else that I actually know who blogs and loves writing. The finding of your tribe is always a moment of joy. Ruth has some really interesting things to write about and her blog, the entirety of life,  is a personable and insightful account of some of the big changes that have been happening in her life. Ruth is a truly lovely person and her words deserve to be read.

It may have become apparent if you read this blog that I love dogs but London living means that I currently can’t have one and I’m still missing my Pooka who died recently. These guys have set up a lovely scheme called Borrow my Doggy which I immediately signed up for. It’s nice when people help each other, why can’t we have more of this kind of thing?

I’m forever on the search for new music. Musigleaner is a great blog that does the hard-work for you, giving you a snappy review and songs to listen to.

New Years brings that feeling that you can achieve and set out with new aims and ambitions. This is an article which helps you to start changing your mindset  from ‘I should do something to I must’.


I’m fascinated by the past, how people’s lives go in and out and round and in between and end up hopelessly entwined with many others. That feeling that it has all been done and felt before just in different circumstances. That we are part of the great momentum of being and vast expanse of humanity- a small part of that greater whole. That’s why I can’t resist a post that claims that there are 40 historical photos you must see. The first is my favourite.

I work at Parliament and as I’ve worked there the more and more I’ve become interested in our rights and representation and how these have grown from nothing to the voice we have today. To mark 800 years since Magna Carta and 750 years since the birth of the House of Commons there is an exhibition of banners in Westminster Hall designed by different artists showing the key moments and events in our democracy. Well worth a visit and inspiring me to start writing about this area more.

London is an immeasurable thing. It draws me in and repels me at the same time. It enchants me and frustrates me. It has everybody and everything in it and nobody and nothing. And yet, it has something indefinable about it… something you find yourself not wanting to miss out on.  Here is somebody who gets it and she writes beautifully and eloquently about what London is. Her Instagram feed takes my breath away.


Oh snail mail, how I love thee. If only people put the same loving care into emails. There is just something that brightens your day when you receive a handwritten letter in the post.  There are some seriously interesting and beautiful ways to jazz up an envelope as seen  on Naomi Bulger’s blog. Do you feel like getting involved in a little snail mail love?

How about some more inspiration for creating beautiful paper designs?

Talking about beautiful design, I’ve been loving the Bird and Fox blog lately and just how pretty it looks.

I have literally been swooning over the interiors in this Parisian apartment.

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My friend has recently introduced me to Airbnb. This summer, I am planning an adventure and this looks like a great place to start planning.

A random one to finish on…why are Finnish babies kept in cardboard boxes?

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6 thoughts on “Links to Loveliness

  1. I really enjoyed this post and some of the great links you have shared. I lived in London about 20 years ago now for 2 years and loved it so feel quite nostalgic after reading this. Yes, how beautiful are Naomi’s Snail Mail pictures and airbnb is fabulous, have used it a few times now.
    Ing Reils recently posted…The hunt for ethical running shoesMy Profile

    • Naomi’s letters are beautiful. I received one in the post today and it made my day 🙂 I’ve never used airbnb but definitely going to start looking into it. Have you been back to London since you lived here, I wonder if it has changed much?! I’m glad you enjoyed the links.
      Naomi (dayscareen) J recently posted…Links to LovelinessMy Profile

  2. love that link to the historical photos. I LOVE photos and #34. Sailor Kissing Nurse, Times Square, August 14, 1945 is my all time favourite photo – I have it pinned to my inspiration board, i never get sick of it. I also like Doisenau’s The Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville, but i think the people in the background of the v-day parade really photo make it for me.

  3. Rachael, I love Doisneau’s The Kiss as well, my friends got me a huge poster of it and we had it on our lounge wall whilst we were at uni. I love that old timely kind of passion. I always wonder about the people in those photos, whether they went on to be together but how even if they didn’t, that image is iconic and lives on forever.
    Naomi (dayscareen) J recently posted…Links to LovelinessMy Profile

  4. Thanks for including me in your links! I’m honoured!
    It’s been so good to find someone else who loves writing as much, and I really enjoy our chats about it all. I’ve signed up to ‘Death to stock’ on your recommendation and I’m looking forward to exploring the rest of them.

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