Taking Stock

13 Aug

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I’m doing a course called blog with pip to learn all about blogging  and to get dayscareen going. I highly recommend it but as it draws to an end, I’m catching up on the lessons. One of them was to do a ‘taking stock’ post.  A chance to pause and think about where I’m at the moment and what I’m moving towards. I’m at the end of my weeks holiday and so it seemed a good point to do this. I’m pretty content at the moment and making the most of realising that.

Making : Yellow Napkins with raspberry thread to match some place mats I made.
Cooking : Moroccan Chicken
Drinking : Ginger Beer
Reading: The Idiot by Dostoevsky
Wanting: To swim in a beautiful turquoise sea somewhere
Looking: At a lounge full of flowers
Playing: Hockey….soon…maybe
Deciding: Whether I should go to bed.
Wishing: There were more hours in the day
Enjoying: Learning how to create a blog
Waiting: for my trip home to the North
Liking: Summer days
Wondering: should I take an umbrella to work today….will it rain?
Loving: My dog from afar
Pondering: how one decision can lead to another and take you in directions you didn’t think.
Considering: how pondering is different to considering
Watching: the sky
Hoping: I can maintain this level of contentment
Marvelling: the beach and the sea and how it is always there.
Needing: sleep always.
Smelling: coffee breath
Knowing: life has timing
Thinking: too many things
Sorting: Books, which ones to take back to London with me.
Disliking: slow walkers…come on people I’m rushing for the sake of rushing. This is London we rush for the sake of it.
Opening: magazine shaped parcels in the post. Thank you for my Mollie Makes magazine
Coveting: Time to be rather than do.

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