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4 Mar




My understanding of the Liebster award is that it is all about spreading some blog love by  answering some questions another blogger has asked you and then asking your own questions of other bloggers, to make some connections between blogs far and wide. Thank you to Laura from The happy Pantry for the questions below and the suggestion I might like to take part. There is a lovely mix of recipes, creative ideas and living of life over on The Happy Pantry, definitely worth clicking the link above.

1. When you blog, where do you usually blog? Do you have a view? A favourite chair?

I have been in my current flat exactly nine months. The thing that sold it to me was a very small, perfectly placed second bedroom which had a fold out desk in one corner next to a big sash window, the sort that rattles in the wind.  My own sanctuary.

My corner of calm and chaos

My corner of calm and chaos

The deal being, this would be my room in exchange for my boyfriend having control of the TV, a well-struck bargain. And so, it is at the little fold out desk in the corner that I do most of my blogging. It has a careful arrangement of vintage lamp, jar of happiness (a jar I stitched the top of which is full of post it notes of good moments which I and my friend Debbi, wrote at work over one year), photos, song lyrics, trinkets, a beautiful linen desk cover with hand stitched flowers which was found in my parents’ attic, mint and coral bunting (my first and last sewing accomplishment), a macrame plant holder which holds an ivy plant I keep swiveling around to catch the light form the window and numerous pictures of the sea (I miss the sea).

Desk spot, where I blog from mainly.

Desk spot, where I blog from mainly.


If it all gets too much I have a couch just next to my desk to recline and dream on.  Some blogging is also done on my iPad on the tube, on my way to work but I get a bit edgy about people looking over my shoulder, the process of writing is a private thing for me.

2. What is your favourite animal and how long has this been the case?

Dogs, always dogs for as long as I can remember. My family nearly always had a dog, they have taught me all kinds of things about  loyalty, unconditional love, joy to be alive and the ability to always live in the moment. There was one dog in particular who completely stole my heart, you can read more about her here.

There was a phase in my younger years when I became obsessed with birds, even becoming s member of the Young Ornithologist Club or the ‘YOC’ as those in the know called it, not the ‘coolest’ pursuit for a 7 year old but I loved it. I think I’ve always been fascinated by birds because they are wherever you are, entirely adaptable to all environments and they live in the sky, far up above all the human dramas below.

How lovely it would be to live in the sky and travel to wherever you wanted, through your own body and energy. I love that they sing to welcome the day; imagine if we all got up at dawn and sang at the top of our voices, perhaps we’d all be a little more sorted. A good release of emotion.  It doesn’t really surprise me that I became slightly obsessed with them because I’m always happiest outsid. When I die, I want to be looking at the sky, which gets me to my next answer….
3. What did you want to be when you were little? How drastically has this changed?

I think, if I’d gone down the science route as opposed to the Humanities/English route then I would happily have been one of those people that camps out for weeks at a time observing animals.

When the science route was still a possibility to me at the age of ten, I had my heart set on becoming a vet…. This was until I developed extreme squeamish tendencies (I faint and feel sick around anything remotely medical) and before it became apparent that my science skills were less than remarkable.

Somewhere in my mind, for as long as I can reasonably remember, has been the dream of being an author. I heard a nine year old today, declare that they wanted to be an author when they are older and my heart clenched as it remembered my own surety that one day it would happen, and it would be easy and that I’d fall into it in some kind of fatalistic way. I now realise that it would take hard work and follow-through and a willful motivation to complete and finish an immense body of work. And yet, I know there is so much within me that I want to say to the world and a need to say it that will drive the words out one day.

Budapest, by the river at night, kind of a golden city.

Budapest, by the river at night, kind of a golden city.

4. Tea or coffee?

I have a little ritual where I get up early, 45 minutes or so earlier than I need to be up to get to work on time. This means I can relax myself into the day and take my sweet time. The first thing I do is boil the kettle and make a cup of tea for James and a cup of coffee for me. I then write for half an hour and sip my coffee as I write-coffee sip pauses are a particular type of pause. This is the only time I usually drink coffee. The rest of the day it is tea, I was raised in a house when ten cups of tea a day was the norm…my mum would be shocked and appalled if I went for anything other than tea.

5. What was one of your favourite moments from 2014?

A moment of magnitude was when James and I moved in together after years apart, the waiting was a big part of it. Another favourite, for how beautiful and random it was, is when my old uni friends and I got up at four in the morning, ran to the beach and swam in the sea at dawn, I will never forget that feeling of floating in what felt like sunlight, as the sea reflected the dawn above..

6. Are you a collector? If so, what of?

Words that express the inexpressible. Hence, I have many many books, moleskines and quotes pinned on Pinterest.

Being outside in Budapest

Being outside in Budapest

7. What is the one country or city you’re determined to visit in your lifetime?

New Zealand for its utter beauty and vastness.
8. Which blog have you been reading the longest?

It has got to be Meg Fee’s, The Wild and Wily Ways of a Brunette Bombshell. This lady can write,she seems to have a magical way of taking the thoughts in your mind and transforms them into words on a page. The inexpressible expressed.
9. When was the last time you travelled by air and where did you go?

It was last February to Budapest. A city of two halves, classic grandeur meets gritty modernity. I can’t recommend it enough.
10. Do you have a favourite magazine? If so, what is it?

I wouldn’t say I have a favourite but the one I read the most is Mslexia which is all about writing, other people’s writing and advice on how to write yourself.. Other ones that have been catching my eye lately are Frankie, Mollie Makes and Cereal Mag.
11. Rainy day inside or sunny day adventuring?

Both would tempt me depending on my mood but ultimately sunny day adventuring would win….my love for the great outdoors means there is too much out there in the world I want to explore.

Street life in Budapest

Street life in Budapest, perhaps rainy day outside?


I cordially bestow the Leibster Award on Ruth who offers wise words and humour at ‘The Entirety of Life‘, Damien who has a way with words at ‘Queer Poetry, Emily who will get you itching to embrace your creativity at Squiggle and Swirl and Rebecca who as an eye for beautiful and interesting things over at the Magpie Diaries.

Here are my questions for you my lovely nominees….(for info on how it all works, see the bottom of this post)

1) Why do you create?

2) Picnic lunch or fancy restraunt dinner?

3) What is top of your bucket list?

4) How would your friends describe you?

5) If you went into a public toilet and had a number two, only to turn to the toilet roll dispenser to see it was empty….what would your next move be? (Creative license welcome)

6) Do you collect anything?

7) The three items you’d save from you house if it was burning down?

8) If you could go to university right now what would you study?

9) Best gig you’ve been to?

10) What colour best describes your mood this very moment?

11) Has anybody saved your life….physically, mentally, emotionally, inspirationally?

I’ve varied how the Leibster award is supposed to be done….one reason being a lot of the blogs I would nominate as well, have already been nominated (apologies if you already have been Liebstered!) and I’ve done a condensed version but nominees if you want to do a full version this is how it is supposed to go….or maybe just do your own version.

1)Acknowledge the blog that nominated you.

2) Include the Liebster Award image on your post.

3)Respond to the above 11questions

4) Include 11 facts about yourself.

5)Nominate 11 other blogs you think are deserving of the award and have less than 200 followers (have a look at their Bloglovin’ and/or Facebook page to get an idea).

6) Include 11 questions for them to answer

7) Get in contact with those bloggers to let them know you have nominated them.



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  1. I love your desk! So beautiful, so many beautiful things, and a window of the kind that rattles in the wind. Perfect!

    ps. Thank you THANK YOU for your letter, which arrived this week. Made my day! xox
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